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Tara Devi Charitable created for advancement of education, promotion of public health and comfort, relief of poverty, furtherance of religion, or any other purpose regarded as charitable in law. Benevolent and philanthropic purposes are not necessarily charitable unless they are solely and exclusively for the benefit of public or a class or section of it. Tara Devi Charitable  trusts  can have perpetual existence and are not subject to laws against perpetuity. We are wholly or partially exempt from almost all taxes. Where the purpose of our charitable trust becomes impossible or unpractical to carry out then, under the legal doctrine, the trustees acting by a majority or a court may choose another charitable purpose as nearly like the original purpose as possible.


  • The jurisdiction of the trust shall be All over India/abroad.

  • To work for needy/ in capable/weaker persons of the Society to help them in all possible facilities manners; to provide them food, cloths SHELTER, MEDICAL ENTERTAINMENT etc. Under one roof, irrespective of CASTE CREED OR RELIGION.

  • To provide education (Lower to Higher level, self employment to the ORPHANS in habited the Trust.

  • To start Health Clinic, Hospital, Family Welfare Center, Mobile Van with up to date Ambulance and emergency medical programmes in / out side of the Trust.

  • To adopt Village, Town for the development of the poor, needy in capable persons of all age groups for the benefit of the public at large with the help of local Govt.

  • Provide legal medical aid and assistance to the needy / incapable people.

  • To generate the required awareness for launching and mobilizing the people movements for ECO friendly environment, Green and Dean India.

  • To create a some of brotherhood co-operation, mutual harmony, love and affection among the general public.

  • To work for promotion and welfare of the senior citizens and all such other activities.

  • To work for the consumer rights protection of human rights, providing legal assistance to poor people.

  • To give provide and distribute blankets, rugs, woolen clothing’s quilts of cotton, woven silk or other varieties of cloths or other articles of necessary and facilities for poor and patient.

  • To open, establish, maintain more VRID AASHRAM/ orphanage asylum/s shelter homes for all age groups of people.

  • To open, establish, maintain medical centers, medical camps, blood donation camps etc. for all age groups of people.

  • To launch and promote the health programmes for all age group.

  • To work for the upliftment of the handicapped/ s blinds physically disable of all age groups to provide proper treatments and all other possible

  • To such other things/acts/activities which are necessary and which may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the objects for the

  • To publish education and medical books charts, illustrations Journals, Magazines, periodical and other publication on different subject and in different languages for the promotion of above aims and objects also to make films documentary or other wise for the benefit of the public at

  • To open found establish promote setup, run, maintain, assist ,finance support and /or help in seating up and/or maintaining or running hospitals, nursing homes maternity homes clinics , Dispensaries, Mobile Hospital & ambulance samarium and medical institutions of Ayruvedic, Homeopathic surgery acupuncture Acupressure, Naturopathy or any other prudes of treatment and other establishments for providing medical relief medicines facilities to the poor sick infirm people to accept donations in the above Conted

  • To open found assistance maintained and run establish libraries /centers for providing the education programmes form lower level up to higher level related with all languages and other training centre etc organize social cultural programmes function for development of mankind’s .

  • To eradicate the social evils to help the abandon lonely handicapped blind Dumb deaf disabled people widows to stand at their own feet.

  • To make efforts for the solution of general problems of the aforesaid block’s residents with the help of the concerned government authorities and solve them especially such roads, telephones, medical and charitable dispensaries, schools, colleges, play grounds, libraries reading rooms and community control etc.

  • And to do all necessary Acts, deeds and things for the betterment of Women Children & people.

  • To help child uplift and help poor destitute work for family welfare, education programmes.

  • To promote literacy, cultural, yoga and other activities by awareness programmes, adult education classes, lectures competition symposium, seminars, workshop and conferences etc.

  1. To appoint employees and to settle the terms of their service remuneration and termination;
  2. To took into the management of the trust;
  3. To invest the funds of the trust, in bank or in the purchase of company shares or securities or other movable and movable and immovable properties.
  4. To sell, alter vary transpose or otherwise dispose or alienate the trust properties or any investment representing the same for consideration and to reinvest the same.
  5. To pledge or mortgage the trust properties for raising loans;
  6. To open the bank accounts in the name and on behalf of the Trust and to operate the same;
  7. To enter into a partnership on behalf of the Trust with any other party or parties;
  8. To pay all charges, impositions and other outgoings payables in respect of the Trust properties and also to pay all cost of the incidental to the administration and management of the Trust properties;
  9. To file suit on behalf of the trust and to refer to arbitration all actions
    proceedings and disputes touching the trust properties and to compromises and compound the suits filed
  10. To accept any gift, donation or contribution in cash or in kind form anyone for the objects of the Trust;
  11. To seek legal opinion of lawyer and/or Chartered Accountants as and when required.
  12. To nominate their representatives for any of the aforesaid purposes.
  1. All monies, which shall not immediately required for current needs shall be invested by the Trustees in eligible securities and investments or in banks. Such investments shall be in the name of Trust or Trustees.
  2. That the Trustee shall invest the Trust fund, carry on any business with the trust fund and/or enter into partnership on behalf of the trust as they may deem fit.
  3. That the trustees shall manage the Trust fund and investments thereof as a prudent man would do the same. They shall recover all outstanding and meet all recurring and other expenses incurred in the upkeep or management thereof.
  4. That the trustees shall receive and hold the income of the trust on behalf and for the benefit of the beneficiaries under the trust.
  1. That subject to the terms and conditions contained in this Trust Deed is covered by the Indian Trust Act, 1882
  2. And to do all necessary Acts, deeds and things for the betterment of Women Children & people.